Jon Goodbun

Dr Jon Goodbun runs the Department of Ontological Theatre at the Royal College of Art in London, and also teaches at the University of Westminster and Bartlett UCL. He has published widely on issues ranging from spatial cognition to Las Vegas, from Marx to ecological and urban theory. His interests stretch across the tensions of cognitive capitalism, connecting the neurological and the ecological, and constructing values out of the contradictions of our world – ecological, economic, social, political, cultural, technological. He was a part of the highly regarded Scarcity research project at the University of Westminster led by Professor Jeremy Till, and recent publications include The Design of Scarcity (Strelka). His research base can be found at, and online @jongoodbun


Raluca Cirstoc

Raluca Cirstoc is a designer, researcher and a Masters graduate of the Department of Ontological Theatre at the Royal College of Art. With an approach to architecture as part of wider geo-political systems, her research interests explore the human relationships between the socius, the psyche and nature. She is fascinated by manufactured landscapes shaped by the demands of mass consumerism that is intrinsic to large industries. Her work sits at the juxtaposition between notions of global urbanisation and the degradation of the environment, between demand and supply chains, between growth and labour. She can be found online at @ralucacirstoc.